Recommended Links

Here are some links to businesses and individuals with whom I have extensive and extremely positive personal experience.

Guitar repair

Pat DiBurro (Exeter, NH) is the go-to guy for impossible guitar repairs. I saw him fix a 1942 Martin that the owner’s misbehaving nephew had shot through the bouts with a bow and arrow. He also restored my wife’s 1930 Martin 000. I watched and photographed the entire restoration process. You will find my article about it on Pat’s website.

Guitar lessons

David Surette (Rollingsford, NH) is both a recording artist and gifted teacher. I have been studying guitar in DADGAD tuning with him since 2012. He teaches a wide variety of playing styles and tunings for both guitar and mandolin. He will allow you to take smartphone videos of the lesson material, during which he provides helpful commentary.

House parties and private concerts

Susie Burke and David Surette (southern NH-Maine border area) will make a wonderful contribution to your next house party or musical event. They recently performed at the North Road Guitars annual student barbecue.

Woodworking classes

If you want to take up general woodworking, or improve your skills, you cannot do better than Al Mitchell’s Homestead woodworking school (Newmarket, NH). Al has a superbly equipped shop, is a gifted teacher, and also brings in many other teachers for topics such as finishing, wood carving, inlay, and wood turning, His classes range from a single morning or evening all the way to a ten-week full-time comprehensive woodworking course. I have taken a number of courses (including the full-time one) and built many fine pieces of furniture with Al’s help before my interests turned to guitar-making.